Context & objective

Building assessment through the use of satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Very High Resolution (VHR) imaging and artificial intelligence has proven to be a valuable tool in the response to humanitarian crises. In the aftermath of natural disasters or other crisis events, rapid and accurate assessment of building damage is of paramount importance for the effective delivery of aid and for ensuring the safety of affected populations. The integration of these technologies allows for a more comprehensive, efficient and accurate assessment of building structures. The ability to quickly estimate the area and population involved, assess building damage avoiding on-site inspections can help to prioritize rescue and aid efforts and ensure that the most critical needs are addressed first.
The platform MASAI – Map for damage Assessment with Satellite Artificial Intelligence developed in the project, is designed to support regional, national and international organisations that intervene in emergencies (i.e., humanitarian crisis or natural disasters). The technology to be developed leverages an automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to identify buildings and infrastructure and estimate the affected area and population using satellite images for humanitarian relief.