First MASAI Workshop

At a time when technology is playing a crucial role in mitigating the consequences of natural disasters, the MASAI (Map for Damage Assessment with Satellite Artificial Intelligence) project is leading the way. On April 11th, Eucentre will host the first MASAI workshop, an event dedicated to exploring the use of artificial intelligence and high-resolution satellite imagery in damage assessment following natural disasters or humanitarian crises.


The event will take place in the Eucentre multimedia classroom in Pavia, via Ferrata 1, but will also be accessible remotely via Zoom connection.


The workshop aims to stimulate constructive dialogue and provide a unique opportunity to explore the potential of AI and teledetection. Registered participants will also have the opportunity to visit the Eucentre laboratories, adding a practical element to this educational event.


Participation is open to those who can be physically present, with a limit of 30 places, and to those who prefer to connect remotely, with no numerical limit. Pre-registration is required for both modes. As well as being an important step forward in the field of damage assessment, the event will offer all participants the opportunity to earn 3 CFPs, thus contributing to their professional development.


Here the Workshop Agenda.


Registration will allow for subsequent online dissemination, widening access to this important information resource. With a commitment to promoting knowledge and innovation, the MASAI Workshop is a must-attend event for all those interested in harnessing the potential of AI and satellite technologies in the context of emergency management.

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